Alpha Bright™ LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit For Men

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Science and surveys show that a white smile is one of the best ways to improve your attraction level, help you get mo...

Science and surveys show that a white smile is one of the best ways to improve your attraction level, help you get more dates, and give you an edge when it comes to promotions.

To achieve those sparkling white results, you need the best LED teeth whitening kit...

Introducing the Legendary Men's Care teeth whitening kit for men!

Our professional whitening kit uses carbamide peroxide to bleach your teeth and give you whiter shades that elevate you to next-level status.

Unlike other whitening kit brands, Legendary kits do not include any chemicals or ingredients that will lower your testosterone and compromise your manhood.

Our LED light can be used repeatedly, and we sell whitening gel refills, so you can buy the kit once and use it for life.

When you use our kits, you can achieve the same white results they charge 3 times as much for at the dentist from the comfort of your home. It only takes 15 minutes a day for 7-9 days.

Are you ready to reach Alpha status? Grab our Alpha Bright Whitening kit today and treat your pearly whites right!


Made In The U.S.A

256-BIT SSL Encription

365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Legendary Men's Care LED Teeth whitening Kit for men. Best LED whitening kit to get your teeth multiple shades whiter with just 15 minutes a day!
Our DIY home teeth whitening kit saves you time and money, and is the easiest way to improve your attraction level!
  • Legendary Men's Care LED Teeth whitening Kit for men. Best LED whitening kit to get your teeth multiple shades whiter with just 15 minutes a day!
  • Our DIY home teeth whitening kit saves you time and money, and is the easiest way to improve your attraction level!
Legendary Men's Care LED Teeth whitening Kit for men. Best LED whitening kit to get your teeth multiple shades whiter with just 15 minutes a day!
Our DIY home teeth whitening kit saves you time and money, and is the easiest way to improve your attraction level!

Legendary Men: The Unfair Advantage  For More Money, Sex, and Status Has Been Sitting Under Your Nose This Entire Time!

If You Got 15-Minutes & A Mouth Full Of Teeth - You Can Almost Instantly “Up Your Game” In The Boardroom, Bedroom, & Everywhere In Between…

(Backed By Surveys, Science… and Women! )

Let’s be honest, Legend…

What man doesn’t want more money, sex, status, and some extra admiration, right?

Curious how to achieve all this with a simple
15-minute routine?

Smells like BS, I know— yet it’s not only possible

What I’m about to share with you is backed by real bonafide science.

Yes, what you’re about to discover is indeed a “biohack…”

A “Biohack”... That Most Men Have
Ignored To Their Own Peril.

I’m talking about sparkling white teeth…

Like it or not, society has voted— the surveys are unanimous:

  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found 96% of women agree a white smile makes a man more attractive.1
  • Virtually ALL Americans (99.7%) believe a white smile is a critical “social asset”...
  • Men with a white smile appear more healthy, wealthy, smart, and successful…2
  • They also go on more second dates, have more sex…

A White Smile Is The Ultimate Evolutionary Unfair Advantage Available To Every Man… Short, Tall, Round, Skinny, Rich, Poor,
A Head Full-Of-Hair, Or Bald…

You’re a smart guy…

So the answer is obvious to you but let me spell it out anyway.

You can either get in the game and brighten your smile

Or let the guy to your right and left pass you up.

Choice is yours. Quite frankly…

Reclaiming A White Smile Is The
Most Intelligent & Alpha Thing You Can Do

You just didn’t realize it til now

Because most companies market teeth whitening as a “woman’s thang…”

Their commercials have young beautiful women smiling over a steamy cup of black coffee…

None of it exactly screams “Dude, this is for you!”

But it is for you, man. In fact…

I’d argue there’s more benefits of a white smile for MEN than there are for women. However, maybe…

Teeth Whitening Options… Are The Ingredients!

  • Often, you’ll find ingredients that are terrible for your testosterone.
  • Chemicals linked to hormone disruption or even occasional “bedroom problems.”
  • Then there’s “natural” options that use tea tree oil and lavender oil…
  • Both oils are linked to high estrogen levels and MAN BOOBS.

So We Created The Ultimate
Teeth Whitening Technology Just For Men

(No "Feminizing" Chemicals - No Fruity Marketing - No B.S.)

Hi. I’m Dr. Greg Grillo
with Legendary Men’s Care.

I was a practicing dentist for more than three decades.

But what I’m most proud of is my time serving as a dental officer in the U.S. Navy.

There are two major issues I care about regarding my health as a man:

My oral hygiene and my testosterone.

With the mouth being the gateway to the body

I struggled to find a teeth-whitening solution I felt confident using.

Many whitening toothpastes, mouthwash, pens, strips, and more…

Not only contain unwanted chemicals…

But some of these chemicals… including the oils in “natural” options… may actually suppress a man’s testosterone.

So I made it my mission to find a safe & effective teeth-whitening solution that won’t crush my masculinity…

As I confidently combat stains and “yellow” on my teeth from the inside out…

While supporting clean, strong, and healthy teeth and gums.

I jokingly call it:

The “Lazy Man’s” Smart Solution To Be More
Attractive, Admired, Confident, & Healthy

  • Because it takes only minutes.
  • Requires NO inconvenient or expensive dentist visits (saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars)
  • Hollywood actors, professional athletes, CEOs, and famous health biohackers use the technology I’m about to show you…
  • It’s even backed by Harvard (and they’re pretty damn smart)3

Other benefits include:

  • Tossing your chemical mouthwash (some chemicals in mouthwash are linked to high blood pressure and bedroom problems! )...
  • There’s ZERO testosterone crushing ingredients in this teeth whitening advancement…
  • Plus with our expert backed process… you get the best of the best. Meaning no wasting time with others options that won’t get the job done.

A Technology So Convenient You Can Use It While Reading A Book, Watching TV, Working Out (Wherever & Whenever You Want!)

  • You’ll almost INSTANTLY up your odds of getting a pay raise, closing more face-to-face sales, or nailing your dream job interview with a brighter smile…4 5
  • Even go on more dates, have more second dates, get more admiration from your spouse or girlfriend…6
  • This is all backed by decades of science, research, surveys, and the way people are wired!
  • You won’t have to
    give up coffee, wine, or beer…

  • Brush your teeth after every meal…

  • Or use any other “extreme measure” you might be thinking of.

It’s Now Easier Than Ever To Eradicate Yellow Teeth & Stains. But first…

Here’s What NOT To Do:

Mistake #1:
Brushing Your Teeth Too Much

Within 20-minutes of eating and drinking…

Bacteria from food and beverages attack the top layer of your teeth like an angry mob…7

So it makes sense to brush right after you eat, right?


A study in the Dentistry Journal…

And this was groundbreaking when it was first published…

Shows brushing directly after eating causes tooth tissue lossand can damage the surface of your teeth…8

Leading to gradual staining and yellowing.

Just like you wouldn’t want to lose lean, strong muscle tissue in your biceps…

You definitely don’t want to lose the tissue that surrounds your teeth—it makes your teeth weaker and more susceptible to problems.

Mistake #2:
Whitening Toothpastes, Activated
Charcoal or Baking Soda

I stopped recommending “whitening” toothpastes to my clients and here’s why:

“Whitening” toothpastes can be very abrasive9

They do a fine job of removing surface stains...

But after those stains are gone, they’re not just useless for whitening…

They wear down your tooth enamel which can cause your teeth to get YELLOW

Dentist Note: The “inner” layer of your teeth is naturally more yellow than the “outer” layer - the enamel. So if you use a toothpaste that’s too abrasive, it will wear down the top layer of enamel. Then the yellow underneath the tooth will begin to show— NOT GOOD!

Activated charcoal and baking soda, while more “natural”, are abrasives too.

Think of abrasives like sandpaper…

If you rub sandpaper on the same spot over and over again…

It grinds down the surface too much.

I’ve had patients grind down their enamel so much that it reaches the roots of their teeth…

This leads to ugly notches on their teeth and gum recession.10 11 12

I can tell you as a dentist… this happens a LOT.

And when it does, you’ll need an expensive and painful surgery to fix it. Not fun.

Mistake #3:
Beware Of Manhood-Crushing

Teeth whitening done the RIGHT way is the ultimate alpha-hack...

Done the WRONG way…

Well, you risk TRASHING the God-given hormones that make you a MAN.

Which can potentially lead to:

  • Drops in performance
  • Sluggish libido
  • Difficulty putting on or maintaining muscle
  • Trouble losing the
    “spare tire”
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Living an uninspired life

Many Teeth Whitening Options Contain
Harsh Ingredients That May Disrupt Your T-Levels.

For example, fluoride is a common ingredient…

Studies show the higher the fluoride levels in your body… the lower your testosterone levels may be.13 14

Your gums are very thin tissue…

Bacteria and chemicals can leak into the bloodstream via the gums.

So shoving a tray of fluoride into your mouth and letting it sit there for 20-minutes is like a kick to the nuts!

“Natural” teeth whitening kits aren’t much better for men.

While they aren’t loaded with toxic chemicals that may “sink your swimmers”

Some are packed with hippie moob oils like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oils…

New Research Confirms These Are
Estrogenic Oils, Some Linked To “Man Boobs”.15

Not to beat a dead horse…

Yet since the mouth is the gateway to the body

You do NOT want these feminizing oils marinating on your gums for 20 minutes. Now hang tight…

You can whiten your teeth while safeguarding your manhood…

I’ll show you this new advancement in just a minute.

Mistake #4:
Using Mouthwash

I stopped recommending mouthwash to most male patients years ago…

The latest research from Harvard shows mouthwash may be linked to “blood flow issues”16

See, there are good bacteria in your mouth that convert food into nitrates…

Nitrates create nitric oxide.

As a guy— I’m sure you’ve heard of nitric oxide before…

It’s a natural gas that helps boost blood flow from head to toe and everywhere in between (if you get what I’m saying)

But using mouthwash is quite literally like dropping an atom bomb on the good nitrate-converting bacteria in your mouth…17 18

So ask yourself…

What’s the point of a nice white smile that makes you an “attraction magnet”...

If you can’t, well, perform at the TOP of your game?

Mistake #5:
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) “Home Remedies”

I’m a big-time natural health advocate…

Yet when it comes to teeth whitening… do-it-yourself “remedies” have cost my patients lots of time & money.

I’ve had patients come into my office after using some DIY whitening treatment they saw online…

Their mouth was riddled with cavities and bleeding gums!

I’m active on social media…

So I see lots of “influencers” on TikTok and Instagram rubbing banana peels on their teeth…

Or brushing with mashed strawberries or lemon claiming it whitens teeth.


It just dries your teeth (making them appear whiter for a few minutes). And…

It’s A Fast Way  To Get Cavities

Plus those methods have ZERO credibility. (literally no studies supporting they are effective or safe)

Case in point…

Let’s say you have an old car and want to give it a fresh paint job…

Would you let some average Joe who read a few blogs of how to refinish a car come to your garage and paint it for you? Heck no!

You’d go to a trained professional right?

Someone who’s experienced in his field, yes?

Any smart guy would treat his mouth the same way!

After all, as you've discovered today— your teeth are one of your
most valuable assets…