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Smells like a blend of smoldering wood, smokiness and a hint of leather, crackling campfires and weathered forest tra...

Smells like a blend of smoldering wood, smokiness and a hint of leather, crackling campfires and weathered forest trails.

Made In The U.S.A

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Free from harsh chemicals, parabens, or phthalates

Certified Organic Cold Pressed Ingredients

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No Synthetic Chemicals or Dyes

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Legends, Outdoorsmen, Men who work in an office but want to smell like an outdoorsman. Adventurers, Explorers, and Anyone Who Wants to Smell like a dapper gent who can effortlessly throw logs over his head, wrestle a bear if needed, and build one heck of a campfire.

Our epic soap bars are crafted in the heart of a conservative Michigan town where American flags fly on every corner. Each batch is a cold process masterpiece. We give a firm "NO" to any ingredients that dare challenge your rugged masculine essence—no bizarre scents, no dodgy oils, and absolutely no chemicals that sound like a science experiment gone wrong. Lather up with our soap and march out of that bathroom, not just as a man, but as the legend you truly are.


No Moob

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Straight from the field, oatmeal is your skin’s rugged ally, buffing away the old to reveal the new with a grit that’s as natural as your Legendary spirit.

Activated Charcoal

This isn’t just any charcoal; it's like the blacksmith of your skin care, drawing out impurities and forging clearer, stronger skin in the fire of your daily routine.

Pine Tar

Infused with the essence of the forest, pine tar is your skin's guardian against the elements. It’s like a shield made of bark and mist, keeping you fresh and undefeatable from dawn till dusk.

Full Ingredient Panel

Saponified oils of - olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, castor oil, shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, pine tar, essential oils of orange, peppermint, oatmeal, E oil, activated charcoal.


Seize this bar as if you're clutching the sturdy handle of Daniel Boone's trusted rifle. No perplexing chemicals that require a scientist to decode. No frivolous oils that would make a mountain man scoff. And certainly, no flowery scents that would mask the aroma of the wild frontier. Only the purest, most robust ingredients fit for the rugged skin of a trailblazer.

Start scrubbing, and once you're through, emerge from the mist of your shower like a legend returning from the untamed wilderness, ready to carve your path through the day.