Classic Spice Shave Soap & Free Brush

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Crafted with babassu oil and deodorized cocoa butter with a masculine blend of clove, lemon, fir, bergamot, and frank...

Crafted with babassu oil and deodorized cocoa butter with a masculine blend of clove, lemon, fir, bergamot, and frankincense — Smells like: A spicy, irresistible aroma that'll have you reclaim the throne of unrivaled manliness, one epic shave at a time.

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Rewind the clock to a golden era, a time before chemical-riddled goo in a can tried to pass itself off as a grooming "necessity". Back to a time when “masculinity” wasn’t a dirty word. Yes, we’re talking about the powerhouse era of the classic shave – where men were men, and shaving was practically an art form.

Enter our Legendary shave soap – not just a shaving cream, but a time machine that hurls you back to those glorious days with every single use. It whips up into a lather so thick and creamy, it would make a barista jealous.


No Fragrances or
Harsh Chemicals

No Moob

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Babassu Oil

This isn’t just any oil. This is the secret agent of oils, sneaking deep into your skin's layers, kicking acne-causing bacteria to the curb & transforming your face texture from "meh" to "makeout worthy".

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

Imagine a bodyguard for your face, tough & protective, keeping the bad stuff out and locking in the good stuff (moisture, we mean moisture). It's like a fortress for your handsome mug against the daily battles it endures.

Stearic Acid

This powerhouse moisturizer is an ancient secret for tight, touchable skin that’ll make you even more of an attraction magnet for the rest of your life. Go get em, tiger.

Castor Oil

Forget Sahara desert dry cracked skin; it's time to embrace the oasis of hydration. This stuff soothes, shines, & basically turns your facial landscape into prime real estate. A "come-hither" kind of glow that says "I'm not just any man; I'm THE man".

Full Ingredient Panel

Clove, Lemon Fir, Bergamot, and Frankincense


It’s simple. Just add a little bit of water to your canister.

Whip up some shave soap onto your FREE shave brush. Paint or rub the shave soap on your face. Then grab your razor like you’re wielding the nimble sword of Napoleon and get to shaving!

Rinse your face with warm water after then step outta the bathroom with the confidence of a hero fresh from victory.

Order Today & Complete Your Shaving Experience With A Soft Bristled Classic Shave Brush!

This is how Legends like Alexander The Great, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, and Julius Caesar prepped for a shave…

Tap into the greatness inside of you and shave like a Legend with the cleanest shave soap on earth!