The 8 Dirty Ingredients Toothpaste Brands Don’t Want You Looking Into

Changing from your old industrial age toothpaste can be a bit of a ...
The 8 Dirty Ingredients Toothpaste Brands Don’t Want You Looking Into

Changing from your old industrial age toothpaste can be a bit of a shock at first. It isn’t easy breaking free of the mind games of big paste.

We get a lot of common questions like:

  • What’s so great about Legendary Men’s Care?
  • Why doesn’t your toothpaste lather up?
  • What the heck is an endocrine disruptor?

You asked and we’re here to deliver! 

Every ingredient of Legendary Men’s Care toothpaste is handpicked and there for a purpose. Likewise, every typical toothpaste ingredient not included was left out intentionally to protect your health.

Did you know big food brands spend hundreds of millions to get their chips to have just the right crunch?

Candy brands do the same to create the perfect candy coated chocolate experience that makes your mouth water every time you think of them?

For big brands, it’s all about sinking their hooks into your brain by finding the secrets to triggering a dopamine response in your brain. By doing this, they can essentially shape how you think.

They condition your subconscious emotions to respond to their messaging and to keep you as their permanent buying drones, shoveling your hard earned cash into their empire.

What they fail to mention is the chemicals and processed ingredients they use to create that experience.

Once they hook you, it's hard to escape their grips.

“What the heck does this have to do with toothpaste?”

The toothpaste market is no different.

Big toothpaste brands have spent millions of dollars trying to hook you on an experience that makes you feel good at the moment… even if it has long term consequences.

They often use experience enhancing ingredients that are risky to your health and lower your testosterone. The worst part is, some of them are just for the experience, and don’t even help your teeth. 

At Legendary Men’s Care, we aren’t into hypnotic mind games. And if you’re here reading this, you have already taken the first steps to escape the mind machine. Congratulations!

Yes, our experience may be different than what you are used to, but there is a reason for that. We only use ingredients that improve your health, not harm it.

To help explain why our toothpaste is better, here are 8 dirty secrets of big paste (even the natural ones).

1. Chemical detergents - Sodium lauryl sulfate -

Because our culture associates bubbles and suds with being clean, big brands started using detergent soaps in toothpaste so they lather up. 

While the lather might be satisfying and give you the “perception” of cleaning, it doesn’t actually help clean your teeth. 

And not surprisingly… detergent isn’t a great thing to get in your mouth.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a harsh detergent that can be even found as the active ingredient in garage floor, and stove top cleaners. These harsh detergents kill beneficial bacteria that protect you from cavities, and break down the protective lining in your mouth that leaves you open to canker sores. (Source)(Source)

Unless you have grown attached to your canker sores, I recommend you try a toothpaste without floor scrubbing detergent

What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

Our toothpaste does not include any sort of detergent that will harm your teeth or mouth. For this reason our toothpaste does not lather the way some do. But this doesn’t not mean it cleans any less, as it is not a necessary part of cleaning your teeth.

For those who are having trouble adjusting… Fear not!

We are testing natural foaming agents that aren’t harsh in the mouth that may be added to our formula down the road. Stay tuned!

2. Mentha Piperita oil (Mint)

For years it was almost impossible to find a toothpaste that wasn’t mint!

It was quickly engrained in our minds that you had to have that minty feel after brushing. It is also a method to “cover up” bad breath.

What they don’t tell you is that cool feeling is the mint oil sinking through the absorbent tissue of the mouth. 

Why is that bad?

Studies show mint is an effective way to drop testosterone, and women with high testosterone are even encouraged to drink mint tea to help decrease their T levels. (Source)(Source)

While this effect is good for women… We men need the opposite. We need high testosterone levels to maintain muscle mass, keep off fat, stay hard in the bedroom, and keep our mental health in check.

It may take some time to let go of the sentimental attachment to mint, but it is something that can benefit you in the long run

And as an added bonus, you may enjoy your morning coffee and orange juice more!

What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

Instead of mint our toothpaste has ginger lime for a refreshing morning burst, and cinnamon clove to help relax in the evening.

Both ginger and cinnamon target harmful bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath, curing it at the root instead of covering it up. They also include great benefits for men’s health! (Source)

3. Tea Tree Oil

If you own natural toothpaste and go check the label right now, there is a good chance it will contain tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been a staple in natural toothpaste brands for some time for its antibacterial qualities. But does natural mean it’s safe?

While Mayo Clinic says it is generally safe for use on the skin, they don’t say the same for oral care. (Source)

“Avoid oral use of tea tree oil, which is toxic when swallowed.” - Mayo Clinic

Not only that, but other studies link tea tree and lavender oil to the development of breast tissue in boys. It does this by hindering the production of testosterone. (Source)

What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

We use no essential oils that aren’t first vetted for hormone safety.

Cinnamon extract is one of our primary tea tree oil substitutes and is shown in studies to be even more effective than tea tree oil at killing harmful bacteria. (Source)

4. Triclosan - Chemical Disinfectant

Triclosan was once used in many toothpastes and mouthwashes for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. But scientific evidence shows it is a potent toxin, endocrine disruptor, and is even an environmental concern for groundwater contamination. (Source)(Source)

When concerns of its health effects started appearing, big toothpaste brands shrugged it off, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to make them remove it. But now the evidence is so overwhelming, they are finally caving to the pressure and removing it from their product lines.

This goes to show that while innocent until proven guilty is an important law for people, it doesn’t always work out for ingredients we consume

You may have used a hazardous substance for years before the evidence is finally strong enough to have it forcibly removed from the market, but by then… it may be too late.

What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

When we consider ingredients, we take the guilty until proven innocent approach, especially when there are easy alternatives. If there are initial studies showing negative results, we try our best to avoid them.

Because of this approach, Triclosan is something we would have stopped using long before all the bigger brands did, simply because we don’t wait for the whole scientific community to agree before cutting something out.

As already mentioned, we used a number of ingredients that are more than capable of delivering the same antibacterial results as triclosan without the health concerns.

5. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Coloring agent

Here’s a good example of an ingredient brands use to promote experience at the expense of health. Titanium dioxide is used to give toothpaste its chalky white color, but has no other oral benefits.

However it does include its list of risks

Titanium dioxide consists of nanoparticles that may harm your cells and build up in the environment. Studies link the effects of these particles to cell damage, genotoxicity, inflammation, and adverse immune responses. (Source)

Early studies have also shown titanium dioxide nanoparticle exposure to cause testicular damage, decreased testosterone, and lower sperm quantity and mobility. (Source)

What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

We would never include an ingredient that is known to be harmful just to make our toothpaste “pretty”. We include no artificial colors.

While we may take some flack for refusing to obey big paste’s marching orders and looking like everyone else, we won’t back down on our mission to protect men’s health.

6. BPA / Phthalates In Toothpaste Tubes

The hormone dangers of BPA and Phthalates have been getting way more attention in recent years, but it hasn’t stopped big brands from using them. 

BPA and Phthalates:

  • Act as estrogen in the body
  • Decrease testosterone production
  • Lower libido, energy, cognitive function
  • Impair sexual development
  • Reduced semen quality (Source)

    Big brands use cheap plastic tubes that leach BPA and phthalates into the toothpaste because it saves them cost on their bottom line. The fact that these chemicals wreak havoc on your hormones and manhood doesn’t seem to bother them.

    What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

    We pay extra to use tubes manufactured to be BPA and phthalate free so you don’t have to worry about these chemicals. 

    Sure, the cost of these safe tubes makes our toothpaste a little more expensive. But the cost of good health is priceless, and you deserve an alternative.

    7. Carrageenan (Thickener)

    Here is another example that just because a toothpaste uses natural ingredients, it may not be the best for your health.

    Carrageenan is a common thickener used in toothpaste, especially natural ones. On the surface you would think it is safe given that it is derived from seaweed. 

    But that turns out not to be the case. A clinical study from the University of Iowa showed with prolonged usage it led to colon tumors. (Source

    Along with the fact that it does nothing to benefit oral health, it just isn’t a necessary risk.

    What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

    We look into each ingredient, whether it is natural or not. We want to make sure each ingredient is safe for your teeth, hormones, and overall health, and carrageenan didn’t make the cut.

    8. Charcoal (Whitener)

    Here is another huge trend in the natural toothpaste market. It’s actually one we considered for our formula, as it does possess some oral benefits such as being antibacterial and able to remove surface stains. 

    But while charcoal makes some great ribs, it turns out not to be great for teeth.

    The problem is it’s a harsh abrasive and is something you have to be careful with, especially if you are an aggressive brusher. (Source)(Source)

    Enamel is the hard outer coating of your teeth that protects them. If you strip it off, enamel doesn’t grow back and can cause major problems for your teeth and extreme sensitivity issues.

    What Legendary Men’s Care Does Differently…

    Our formula includes hydrated silica and calcium carbonate that have been used safely in toothpaste for decades. 

    These polishers are still great for whitening but don’t pose the risk of charcoal. They also pose no threat to your hormone system or overall health.

    Still, with all toothpastes you want to make sure you are only using soft bristle brushes, and not scrubbing too hard.

    You can read more about abrasives in our blog - Caring For Your Teeth Can Save Your Life… But Avoid These Common Mistakes

    So there you have it, 8 different ways we differ from typical toothpaste and the reasons why. I hope this gives some insight on how we approach your oral health and safety. 

    If there are any changes you would like to see happen in our formulas, please fill out your post purchase surveys or email us so we can continue to improve!

    As always we got your back,

    Joe, Kyle and Clark

    Your Legendary Men’s Care team


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