How Legendary Men’s Care Created The Worlds Best Natural Toothpaste For Men

You’ve probably heard of our mission to create personal care produc...
How Legendary Men’s Care Created The Worlds Best Natural Toothpaste For Men

You’ve probably heard of our mission to create personal care products for men that are free from manhood depleting chemicals…

But is our toothpaste actually good for your teeth?

We are glad you asked!

In an age of marketing advancements…

Folks are mixing up concoctions in their basement, slapping a label on it, and selling it on Amazon for $50.

But do they understand the science of how to combine ingredients in a way that will provide real benefits for the body?

Probably not.

When we set out to create our testosterone safe toothpaste for men, we knew we couldn't just cut out bad chemicals…

It also had to be incredible for oral care to keep men coming back.

We wanted our product to be the best toothpaste on the market, not just the best at protecting your hormones.


The Creation Journey Of Our Endocrine Disruptor Free Toothpaste

We spent many long months, and sleepless nights digging into every piece of

research we could find on how to make a toothpaste that was excellent for your teeth and mouth… While avoiding chemicals that crush your manhood.

There are so many elements to consider when creating toothpaste. 

Things like:

  • How to safely polish and whiten teeth
  • What ingredients to include to remineralize teeth and protect them from cavities
  • How to stop bad breath at the root (Instead of just covering it up as mint does)
  • Killing harmful mouth bacteria without destroying the good bacteria that actually protects the mouth
  • Providing great flavor and user experience
  • Safe and effective ways to help prevent tooth sensitivity

It took a lot of careful planning and research to find the right natural ingredients to meet these goals, because we wanted proven ingredients.

I am not talking about ingredients that the witch doctor in the grass hut down the road recommends…

Or the favorite ingredient of a guy at the health food store you can smell from three isles down...

I am talking about real natural ingredients that are shown in clinical studies to produce incredible results.

After painstakingly creating a list of goals and key ingredients we wanted…

We knew we couldn’t formula this on our own. So we went on a search to find top level dental chemists… Men and women who have dedicated their lives to this type of formulation.

We ended up hiring, not one… but two chemistry teams to develop our formula… and pitted them head to head like a game show stand off.

Was it the most cost effective move?


But we wanted to spare no expense to make sure our formula would serve men like no other brand before us.

After almost 6 months of formulating, testing, and retrying, we finally had the formula we have today. But we still wanted to take it one step further to prove to you that we are not messing around.

We had our formula reviewed by Dr. Greg Grillo, a navel dentist of 27 years.

After examination of our formula he concluded it was one of the best natural formulas he had reviewed for teeth, and he agreed having a hormone disruptor free option is a vital need for men.

You can catch his endorsement and bio on our page.


Why Healthy Teeth And Gums Are Critical For Men’s Health

Oral infections are a major health risk because the bacteria from them passes through your gums and into your bloodstream, which then carries the bacteria to your heart and brain

This bacteria can attack the lining of your arteries and cause vascular issues. Men with chronic oral infections may have up to 2 to 3 times the risk of heart disease and stroke as someone with healthy gums. (Source) Another study also showed a significant link from bad oral hygiene to Alzheimer's disease. (Source)

When it comes to gum disease and tooth decay, this is not something you want to “tough out” for the sake of your long term health!

But you might be wondering..


What Makes Legendary Men’s Care The Best Toothpaste For Men’s Oral Health?

I am going to open the hood and show you what makes our toothpaste so great for oral care.

There are three main concerns when it comes to toothpaste:

  • Cavity Prevention
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Elimination of Bad Breath

    Cavity Prevention - Nano-Hydroxyapatite

    Main benefit:

    • Remineralizes Teeth And Prevents Cavities

    Secondary Benefits:

    • Whitens Teeth
    • Reduces Tooth Sensitivity
    • Kills bacteria

    Similar to fluoride (but without the health concerns), Nano-Hydroxyapatite rebuilds your tooth's outer surface protecting it from cavities

    Some research shows it can even heal minor scratches and gaps which help make your teeth appear whiter, and reduces your tooth's sensitivity. It also helps break down bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities.

    One of the best parts is unlike fluoride, it can be swallowed, and is even taken as a supplement for bone health.

    We covered this Nano-hydroxyapatite in our last blog in more detail, and explained the reasons why it is the best natural alternative to fluoride

    You can find that blog here - Nano Hydroxyapatite VS. Fluoride Post



    Bad Breath Fighters - Xylitol, Ginger (In AM Formula), Cinnamon (In PM Formula)

    Main benefit:

    • Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory (Helping reduce bad breath)

    Secondary Benefits:

    • Cavity prevention (By killing harmful bacteria linked to cavities)

    These three ingredients are amazing because they attack tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath at the root… by killing harmful bacteria.


    Those familiar with the keto diet may know xylitol as a low calorie sugar substitute.

    Xylitol is actually a sugar alcohol that can be found in fruit, and is even produced by your body. Unlike sugar, xylitol has great oral care benefits beyond sweetness. (Source)

    There are several ways xylitol helps your teeth…

    First benefit of xylitol…

    Xylitol increases saliva flow which balances the ph of your mouth, helps prevent cavities, and aids in remineralizing your teeth. (Source)

    Second benefit of xylitol…

    Xylitol is the perfect “trojan horse” of the oral care world… Let me explain.

    Your mouth contains both good and bad bacteria.

    The bad bacteria eats and ferments sugar and releases acid. As we mentioned above, acid causes demineralization and cavities..

    This “bad bacteria” also eats xylitol thinking it is sugar

    But unlike sugar, xylitol can not be digested or fermented. This causes the “bad bacteria” to starve, slowing their growth and even killing them off… thus helping prevent a root cause of cavities. (Source)

    Xylitol is better than chemical mouthwashes because it doesn’t destroy your good bacteria, known as your oral microbiome. This layer of “good” bacteria aids in digestion and protects the mouth.

    Third benefit of xylitol…

    Xylitol weakens bacteria’s ability to bond to your tooth's surface and create plaque, one of the primary causes of gum disease.

    Ginger -

    Ginger (The plant root, not the red heads) has been used for over 5,000 years by Asian and Indian cultures (Source) for its strong healing properties

    But most people don’t know ginger contains several elements that help it fight bad breath, plaque, and gum disease.

    One of the elements is a molecule called raffinose, which keeps harmful bacteria from forming a biofilm that sticks to your teeth around the gum line. (Source)

    Another great element in ginger is a compound called 6-gingerol. This is the compound that gives ginger its spicy flavor… but it brings a lot more than just taste. 

    6-Gingerol activates an enzyme in your saliva that breaks down sulfur-

    containing compounds in your mouth that give you bad breath. Studies show 6-gingerol boosts this bad-breath-destroying enzyme 16 fold within seconds. (Source

    6-Gingerol also gives ginger its strong anti-inflammatory benefits that prevents pain, swelling, and bleeding around the gums, while also fighting off infection. (Source)

    Tumor growth often arises from inflammation. By using ginger to reduce inflammation, you are actually protecting yourself against oral cancer growth.

    Cinnamon -

    Cinnamon is the right hook after ginger's jab, and hits bacteria from another angle… catching bacteria strains missed by ginger.

    While most natural toothpastes use tea tree oil as their main antimicrobial essential oil, recent studies show it may be a concerning endocrine disrupter that inhibits the production of testosterone

    Cinnamon on the other hand actually benefits testosterone production and is a stronger antimicrobial than tea tree oil. (Source)

    Another place cinnamon hits where the others miss is its antifungal properties. The most common cause of oral diseases are from either bacterial or fungal infections, so eliminating both is essential for good health.



    Teeth Whitening - Calcium Carbonate

    Main Benefit:

    • Teeth whitening

    Secondary Benefits:

    • Tooth remineralization
    • Acid Neutralization

    Studies show having a white smile dramatically increases your chance of landing a dream job or a hot date, so we wanted to make it a priority in our formula.

    Calcium carbonate is a safe substance naturally derived from the earth and is often used as a dietary supplement or an antacid. 

    It is a favorite among natural toothpastes because it is able to gently polish away stains and whiten teeth without scratching the enamel. (Source) By mechanically removing plaque along the gum line, it helps prevent future breakouts of gum disease.

    In addition, the calcium particles help remineralize teeth and neutralize acid, helping prevent decay. (Source)



    Other Ingredients We Include For A Healthy Mouth And Smile

    Above I just listed a few main ingredients we use to give you optimal oral health and a great smile. There are other ingredients we didn’t even get to, including:

    • White turmeric (Antimicrobial, cleanses gums, and removes impurities) (Source)
    • Macha (Antioxidant, cancer prevention, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, prevents bacteria linked to bad breath and cavities) (Source)
    • L-Arginine (Corrects mouth ph, prevents plaque, reduces demineralization, and tooth sensitivity) (Source)
    • Clove oil (Antibacterial and prevents dental erosion) (Source)

    As great as our formula is, we are always testing new ways to improve it in future revisions. You can be sure all the feedback we are getting from you will be involved in making our toothpaste even better.

    I hope this has given you some insight into our commitment to your oral health. Drop by for great information from our blog section.

    And as always we got your back!


    Joe, Kyle, and Clark

    The Legendary Men’s Care team

    Veteran dentist Dr. Greg Grillo DDS. Has review this article for medical accuracy.