Blue Light Blues: Shedding Light on the Surprising Link between Screens, Testosterone, and Manhood

Hey there, fellas! Today, we're about to delve into a topic that mi...
Blue Light Blues: Shedding Light on the Surprising Link between Screens, Testosterone, and Manhood

Hey there, fellas!

Today, we're about to delve into a topic that might make your eyes pop wider than a full moon on a clear night. We all know that men are creatures of testosterone, power, and vitality.

But did you know that our beloved screens, emitting that devilish blue light, might be sabotaging our manly hormone levels?

It's time to grab your attention spans and join me on this fascinating connection between blue light and low testosterone.


Blue Light: The Sneaky Nemesis:

Picture this…

Blue light screens at night

It's late at night, you're snuggled up in bed, and you can't resist one last scroll through your Instagram feed.

Little do you know, your late-night rendezvous with your smartphone is slowly but surely taking a toll on your testosterone levels. That mischievous blue light emitted by our beloved devices has been found to suppress the production of our favorite hormone, testosterone.


Screen Time vs. Man Time:

We men love our gadgets, but little did we suspect that our addiction to screens might come with a hefty price tag.

Studies have shown that excessive screen time, especially in the evening, can disrupt our circadian rhythm, leading to a decrease in testosterone production. It's like our gadgets are on a mission to rob us of our manhood!

Good sleep

Research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives examined the impact of exposure to artificial light, including blue light, on testosterone levels in male shift workers.

The study found that exposure to light at night significantly reduced testosterone levels in these individuals (Li et al., 2013).

Another study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology investigated the effects of blue light exposure on testosterone levels in healthy young men. The results showed that exposure to blue light for two hours in the evening caused a significant decrease in testosterone levels compared to control conditions (Matsui et al., 2021).


The Bedroom Battle: Blue Light vs. Nightly Delights:

Gentlemen, we need to have a serious chat about the bedroom. You know, that special place where magic happens—or at least, used to happen more frequently.

Blue light infiltrates our late-night Netflix binges, depriving us of the essential sleep required to maintain healthy testosterone levels. And without adequate testosterone, our libido can take a nosedive, leaving our partners wondering what happened to the passionate lion they once knew.


Fight Back with Manly Solutions:

Smashing blue light
Now, don't despair, my fellow men! We're resourceful creatures, and we can rise above this blue light debacle. Here are a few witty and practical solutions to help us reclaim our testosterone and assert our manliness:

- The Blue Light Blues Playlist:

Create a playlist of testosterone-boosting tunes to drown out the siren call of our screens. Think AC/DC, Def Leppard, and anything that makes you feel like a rock god.

- Venture Back In Time:

Find a hobby

Believe it or not… There was a day when people had to find activities and hobbies that didn’t include a screen. And though they have become less popular, they are still out there.

Whether it is model car or ship building, cards or board games with the family, or reading a (real) book. You can find things that you enjoy and relax you before bed without the constant need for a screen.

If you don’t find activities to replace your screen time, you will find yourself reaching for it again.

- Shades of Masculinity:

No, I'm not talking about your masculinity being questionable, but rather investing in blue light-blocking glasses.

These stylish specs will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light, allowing you to enjoy your screen time guilt-free.


Gents, it's time to face the cold, harsh reality: our screens may be partially responsible for the decline of our testosterone levels. But fear not, for armed with a few simple lifestyle changes, we can turn the tide.

The easiest changes are things like reducing blue light exposure, getting good sleep, and cutting out chemical endocrine disruptors... Which is why Legendary Men's Care is committed to bring the endocrine disruptor free products to protect your manhood.

We also want to provide you with easy tips to better your life all around.

Our goal is we want you to win in live, and be the best man you can be.

So, let's put those devices down, trade those chemical good toothpastes, and reclaim our testosterone-fueled manhood.

Until next time, keep calm and man on!

Your Friends,

Joe, Kyle, And Clark

Your Legendary Men's Care Team